Breakfast of Champions (who don't have to work today!)

So I made breakfast this week from a new book which I'll write about next week. I usually opt for smoothies or fruit for breakfast, but I was trying to really celebrate the few days off that I get before the new term begins, so a more sumptuous breakfast was be appropriate. It was so simple it didn't need a recipe, but...I always like to try new versions of great breakfast. 

Sauté some shredded kale, 2-3 leaves, with a clove of garlic and evoo. You can remove the stems, but I was using a pre-chopped bag from TJ's, so I kept them on. Once cooked, season and toss with a bit of left over quinoa (1/2 c or so) and stir fry until it's all hot. Top with an olive oil fried egg, some chopped scallions, and fresh cracked black pepper. So delicious. Utterly satisfying. Utterly simple. 

There is something truly warming about a hot, egg-y breakfast...something I've missed over the last (nearly) three years. I've had a total of about 5 eggs (on purpose) in the last month, and I've mostly really enjoyed them. I had two perfectly poached eggs at Local Kitchen for Easter brunch, a couple truffled deviled eggs after a trip to Chicago inspired me to try this dish, and then the egg for breakfast this morning. It's been fun to reintroduce eggs into my diet. When I first went vegan, I thought this would be my undoing, giving up eggs. It wasn't, incidentally. I didn't miss them at all. I have, however, enjoyed fulfilling my protein quotient with this delicious food on occasion this month, and provided I can continue to find organic and bird-friendly sources of eggs, I'll probably stick with this new plan. Try this recipe. You'll love it! 

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