Sweet potato, 5-spice muffins

I made these muffins today from It's All Good. They are a wonderful option for the celiac and gluten-free inclined among us. Sweet enough, super moist and uber flavorful, I ate one for breakfast and one for lunch. So much for a varied diet! :-/

So the gist here is using the sweetness and moisture of a roasted sweet potato mixed with a standard GF mix and maple syrup, resulting in an excellent crumb/texture and a great taste, thanks to the 5-spice mixture. Usually, GF pastries are pretty heavy and hardened, in my experience. These muffins are neither of these things. They are delightful. When they're warm, they're great...they're also good with a light swipe of Earth Balance. Light enough for a snack, there are something I'll likely make again. 

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