What's going on here?!

So my friend Sarah suggested that I start a food blog. My initial thought was -- yes, that's a great idea! My secondary thought was-- I do NOT have time for a blog. But as the thought simmered for awhile, I recognized that I was in *deep* need of a creative outlet these days, and usually that creativity happens in the kitchen. This is just a way to share that with my friends...and a few strangers, I suppose.

We'll see. It's another one of those "I could eat a steak at any moment!" commitments...just testing the waters.

So the plan is to share what I'm cooking, for whom I'm cooking and what it's like at our table. Since veganization is new for me, most meals are still something fresh and interesting. I hope that I can share that freshness, new ideas and flavors with whoever is interested.

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