Nutty, gingered birthdays are best

My dear friend Fansh dropped by for her birthday this year, and to honor the occasion in true vegan fashion, I made her two batches of cupcakes. It may seem strange to make two batches of twelve cupcakes for one person, however, for this dear friend, nothing less would suffice.

I chose gingerbread cupcakes with lemony butter cream and chocolate hazelnut mousse filled hazelnut cupcakes with a chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts on top. They were delicious and appropriately contrasted, I thought.

The gingerbread cupcakes were really dark, thanks to real molasses and brown sugar, and the fluffy lemon butter cream frosting was *seriously* to die for. Amazing. A bowl of gingersnap cookies with the leftover frosting would have been divine, but...well, there were so many cupcakes that this idea just seemed somewhat overindulgent.

The mousse filling for the hazelnut cupcakes was also something I'd definitely make again-- maybe on its own. It was a firm silken tofu base with melted vegan chips, hazlenut liqueur and maybe a little of something else. Both recipes, in any case, were from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, my go-to guide for all things in small cups. 

Happy birthday to Fansh, and many thanks for your cute snapshots of the deliciousness...

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