Holiday Wine Party Menu, Rehash

The good news is I erred on the side of having plentiful food for the party, and all were served and happy. In fact, we really didn't have that much left over!

On December 18th we had about 30 or so people swing by our our house for a little carousing. I made just about everything on my list, and most things were enjoyed. The Bombay bites were a bit of a disaster-- they were impossible to keep together, and while they were supposed to be a bit like hushpuppies, they ended up more like fried balls of ... chickpeas. Of course, that's not entirely bad-- they did get eaten up rather quickly. In any case, that recipe needs improvement! The curried tomato sauce they were served with was very good.

The bruschetta was snatched up, as were the latkes and jalapeno poppers. The tofu skewers didn't go as quickly as they might have, but they made a great snack for me after I was finished in the kitchen. I actually forgot to make the snausage ones (with tomato, basil and italian Tofurkey sausage. I made them the following week for lunch-- delish!

I altered these for the party to be sliced in half, open-face poppers
A friend of mine made these excellent gingersnap cookies with lemon icing-- they weren't vegan, so I couldn't have one-- but everyone was raving. Same for my friend Susan's 7-layer dip. People just cant get enough of that stuff!

I would say that my first attempt at a nearly entirely vegan party was a success. Love it!

In other news, my collection of vegan cookbooks is approaching absurd. It's super fun to have variety, but as I look at the two skinny shelves they're occupying just outside the kitchen, I feel slightly gluttonous. Alas-- a small price to pay for delicious! The popper recipe is from the 30-Minute Vegan cookbook, and it uses Daiya, vegan cream cheese, cumin, chili powder, and this yummy tahini/soy mixture that you coat everything in to get the breadcrumbs to stick.  The other recipes were mostly my own...though I did get one for the Latkes from Vegan Table.

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